CTP Seminar

  • Speaker: Oleg Zaslavsky
  • Title: Observers and flows in black hole space-times: The inside story [PDF]
  • Place: Level 3 Meeting Room, BUE Science Park (#312)
  • Date: Wednesday, 8 February 2023
  • Time: 12:10 AM

  • Abstract:-
  • We consider geodesic motion of particles in a spherically symmetric black hole space-times. We develop an approach based on splitting the velocity of a freely falling particle to the flow velocity, which depends only on a metric, and deviation from it (a peculiar velocity). It applies to a wide class of spherically symmetric metrics and is exploited under the horizon of the Schwarzschild black hole. The present work generalizes previous results obtained for pure radial motion. Now, the motion is, in general, nonradial, so that an observer can have a nonzero angular momentum. This approach enables us to give simple physical interpretation of redshifts (blueshifts) inside the horizon including the region near the singularity and agrees with the recent results obtained by direct calculations.