CTP Cluster (NUT)

The high performance computing system at CTP consists mainly of six Dell workstations - Precision 7820 - with 288 total number of CPUs. These workstations are connected into a cluster (NUT) for parallel computing. In addition, another Dell workstation model Precision 7810 with 16 CPUs and Dell PowerEdge T630 server with 32 CPUs and a storage of 32 Tb are connected to the clustre. The opertating system of the cluster is Centos linux and equiped with several packages used for scientific HPC computations.

The system is intended for running parallel programmes. Shared memory codes can be run on the cluster. Distributed memory codes supporting Open-MPI can also be run (the system has been tested on several such applications, including the cosmological simulation code Gadget2

For more details and queries from BUE academics concerning the use of the system, please check NUT website.

Specifications Open MPI HPC and numerical modelling