CTP Cluster

The high performance computing system run by the CTP consists of a Sun file server running Sun Solaris Unix 10 and Sun blade server and cluster of eight Sun ultra 24 workstations, all running Unbreakable Oracle Enterprise Linux 6,in addition to Two Dell precision tower 7810 workstations and one Dell PowerEdge T630 server with 32TB storage capacity. The system is interconnected via a GB switch and Sun grid Engine.

The system is intended for running parallel programmes. . Shared memory codes can be run on single blades or workstation. In some cases these can can automatically parallelised in an efficient manner using the installed Sun Studio software (C, C++ and Fortran Compilers).Distributed memory codes supporting Open-MPI can also be run (the system has been tested on several such applications,including the cosmological simulation code Gadget2

Queries from BUE academics concerning the use of the system should be sent to the system administrator Yasser Abdella, Email:yasser.abdella@bue.edu.eg.
Specifications Open MPI HPC and numerical modelling