Yasser Assran, Dr.

Email: Yasser.Assran at bue.edu.eg

Research Interests

Joined the CMS experiment at LHC from 2009 till now and participate in more than a hundred papers in both detector and data analysis. For the detector part, I worked in the performance of the resistive plate chamber (RPC) and participate in its upgrade and still a member of the group up to now. For data analysis, I join a new group directed to the search for magnetic monopole, it was a part of my Ph.D. and I supervise one student to complete this search. I joined another group works on a gaseous detector called Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) and still work with them up to now, Joined CTP in 2014 till now.

Selected Publications
  • Coulomb Dissociation of Incident Heavy Nuclei in Nuclear Emulsion at 4.5 A GeV/c. 27th International Cosmic Ray Conference. 07-15 August, 2001. Hamburg.
  • Muon-Induced Air Showers Affecting CMS Tracking Detector. 29th ICRC 2005, India.
  • Production and Interaction of some Exotic Nuclei at High Energy. 29th ICRC 2005, India.
  • Study of the impact of environmental parameters on the operation of CMS RPCs / Assran, Yasser(Cairo, Acad. Sci. Res. Tech.). CMS-CR-2011-055, CERN, 2011.
  • An Investigation of the dependence of CMS RPC Operation on environmental parameters. Nuclear Physics B 215 (2011) 353-355.