Waleed Moslem, Professor

Email: waleed.moslem at bue.edu.eg

Research Interests

My research interests are located in the field of Theoretical Plasma Physics, with emphasis on Nonlinear Dynamics of Waves, Instabilities in Classical and Quantum Plasmas, Plasmonics, Drift Waves, Wake Potential, Soliton Collision, Plasma Expansion, as well as Nanostructures in Surface Materials.

Selected Publications
  • A. S. El-Said, W. M. MOSLEM, and M. Djebli, Surface nanostructuring by ion-induced localized plasma expansion in zinc oxide, Applied Physics Letters, 104, 231609 (2014).
  • M. E. Yahia, I. M. Azzouz, and W. M. MOSLEM, Quantum effects in electron beam pumped GaAs, Applied Physics Letters, 103, 082105 (2013).
  • M. Djeble and W. M. MOSLEM, Self-similar expansion of a warm dense plasma, Physics of Plasmas, 20, 072702 (2013).
  • H. Saleem, W. M. MOSLEM, and P. K. Shukla, Solar wind interactions with the dusty magnetosphere of the Jupiter produce shocks and solitons associated with nonlinear drift waves, Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Science, 117, A08220 (2012).
  • I. Zeba, W. M. MOSLEM, and P. K. Shukla, Ion solitary pulses in warm plasmas with ultrarelativistic degenerate electrons and positrons, The Astrophysical Journal, 750, 72 (2012).
  • W. M. MOSLEM, R. Sabry, S. K. El-Labany, and P. K. Shukla, Dust-acoustic rogue waves in a nonextensive plasma, Physical Review E, 84, 066402 (2011).
  • W. M. MOSLEM, Langmuir rogue waves in electron-positron plasmas, Physics of Plasmas, 18, 032301 (2011).