Adel Awad, Professor

Email: adel.awad at

Research Interests

My research covers two different areas of Theoretical High Energy Physics, namely gravity and gauge field theory. I am interested in gravitational aspects of string theory and its low-energy supergravity. This includes D-brane Physics and Gauge/Gravity dualities in string theory, such as AdS/CFT correspondence, in addition to various gravitational solutions and black hole solutions supergravity theories.

I am also interested in Supersymmteric Gauge Theories and their effective description at low energies, especially theories with extended supersymmetry.

Selected Publications
  • Adel Awad, Sumit R. Das, Archisman Ghosh, Jae-Hyuk Oh, andSandip Trivedi, “Slowly Varying Dilaton Cosmologies and their Field TheoryDuals”, Phys. Rev. D 80,126011(2009); [arXiv:0906.3275]
  • A. Awad, S. Das, S, Nampuri, K. Narayan, and S. Trivedi, “GaugeTheories with Time Dependent Couplings and their Cosmological Duals”, Phys.Rev. D79, 046004 (2009); [arXiv:0807.1517]
  • A. Awad, S. Das, K. Narayan, and S. Trivedi, “Gauge Theory Dualsof Null and Space-like Cosmologies and Their Energy Momentum Tensors”, Phys.Rev.D77 (2008), 046008; [arXiv:0711.2994] .
  • A. Awad, N. Chamoun and S. Khalil. “On Flux Compactification andModuli Stabilization”, Phys.Lett. B, 635:136-140,2006. [HYPERLINK""eprint]
  • P.C. Argyres, A. Awad, G. Braun and F.P. Esposito.“Higher-Derivative Terms in N=2 Supersymmetric Effective Actions”, JHEP, 07:060, 2003. [eprint]
  • A. Awad and C. Johnson. “Scale Vs. Conformal Invariance in theAdS/CFT Correspondence”, Phys.Rev. D, 62:125010,2000. [eprint]