CTP Seminar

  • Speaker: Alexey Toporensky
  • Title: Multidimensional Gauss-Bonnet cosmology [PDF]
  • Place: Level 3 Meeting Room, BUE Science Park (#312)
  • Date: Tuesday, 7 February 2023
  • Time: 12:10 PM

  • Abstract:-
  • We consider a particular example of dynamical compactification of an anisotropic 7+1 dimensional Universe in Einstein - Gauss - Bonnet gravity. Starting from rather general totally anisotropic initial conditions a Universe in question evolves towards a product of two isotropic subspaces. The first subspace expands isotropically, the second represents an "inner" isotropic subspace with stabilized size. The dynamical evolution does not require fine- tuning of initial conditions, though it is possible for a particular range of coupling constants. The corresponding condition have been found analytically and have been confirmed using numerical integration of equations of motion.